Ignite the Voice is a collaborative organization derived from positive minds of New Haven to provide youth between the ages of 13-19 with an outlet for self-expression, growth & development through the arts. Our organization aims to raise awareness to current events occurring in both local and social communities through our main key program: Sessionz.

Ignite The Voice, Inc. knows that - by providing a safe space and platform to share thoughts and ideas, along with the tools and training for diverse artistic expression - we can prevent our youth from falling into the potential traps of self-destructive behavior that permeate their environment. By equipping them with a foundation of leadership development and peer-to-peer facilitation, we can tap into their talents and creativity, and guide them towards coming up with their own way of improving their community. We call this: Life Lessonz.

Ultimately, ITV recognizes the beautiful contributor in life that is Art. Each and every one of us have encountered art in one way or another during our life, and art will always influence the degree which we experience any given moment. Through Self Expressionz, we will build upon the moments experienced through Sessionz and Life Lessonz, and approach them from the perspective of various art-forms. By tapping into the expressed interests of our youth participants, we will show them how art can be used as a form of self-evaluation and self-expression.